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Amahlo’s intelligence-driven crime combating model moves away from a conventional reaction to and investigation of crime incidents and instead focuses on leveraging actionable intelligence on high impact targets within identified networks in order to communicate a strategic-level influencing effect within the wider criminal and social audiences.

Through our pro-active, intelligence-driven approach we seek to achieve a meaningful and sustainable reduction in incidents and threat levels by targeting the key pillars and underlying root causes of the criminal enterprise in specific areas.

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Our value proposition is holistic and innovative; built on a wealth of specialist skills and operational knowledge combined with extensive hands-on private sector experience combating various criminal enterprises. We seek to engage the heart of any crime problem in order to cultivate a meaningful and sustainable reduction of crime incidents, whilst simultaneously mitigating our clients’ risks through the intelligent deployment of pro-active, anti-crime measures. Our core capabilities are:
Amahlo has developed customised intelligence-driven solutions for a variety of government and
commercial enterprises...
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