Amahlo's anti-crime solutions have enjoyed great success...

City Power Johannesburg Since 2007

Pro-active crime intelligence & prevention operations combating
cable theft & network crime risks in City of Johannesburg’s
municipal areas in the Gauteng Province. Through this contract
Amahlo has become a key partner in City Power’s successful
Risk Control delivery.

"Through the years since the contract has been awarded to
Amahlo Consulting, their performance has a number of
deliverables which they have achieved successfully because of
their practical approach and strategy."

Isaac Dube
Acting Manager Risk Intelligence & Compliance
Eskom (Central Gauteng) Since 2010

Pro-active crime intelligence & prevention operations
combating cable theft & network crime risks throughout
Eskom’s Central Gauteng Region.  This project has resulted
in the successful reduction of 70% of Eskom’s total weighted
score measuring the impact of crime incidents on
Distribution Operations.
The SAPS Directorate Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI) -

"The SAPS Directorate Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI) -
Hawks Non Ferrous Metals Desk has an excellent working
relationship with Amahlo Consulting. The support and input the
Hawks receive from Amahlo has played an integral role in many
of the successes we have enjoyed."

Lt. Col. Carlinsky
National Head - Non Ferrous Metals Unit - DPCI
Amahlo has served Eskom very successfully in the past
achieving remarkable success with Project Diamond...Eskom
was attracted to Amahlo's strategic approach and vision in
combating cable theft criminality, based mainly on their
ability and core competencies to utilize intelligence-led
solutions to impact the criminal environment, this was an
attractive value proposition to Eskom's pro-active risk
management philosophy."

Solly Matebula
Specialised Maintenance & Support Manager
Eskom Distribution - Gauteng
Eskom Project Diamond 2002 - 2005

The huge success of this 3-year project realized the reduction
in conductor theft incidents in the Gauteng Province from over
120 per month to less than 5 per month in 24 months.
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